For shipowners

The main function of the company is the prompt search and selection of well-trained and highly qualified seamen for all types of ships.

The selection is made on the basis of checking professional knowledge and practical experience, knowledge of the English language, all necessary documents, checking work experience, feedback from employers, and assessing a seaman as an individual.

For each candidate a final rating is drawn up, and only candidates with a high rating are submitted to a shipowners for consideration.


Services being provided:

HR management:

⁃ selection and hiring of qualified specialists

⁃ Refresher courses, as well as English courses for officers and ratings

⁃ Distribution of wages

⁃ Bearing all the necessary material costs before a seafarer’s boarding a ship and after discharging

⁃ Control over the operation of a vessel and cargo

⁃ Timely crew rotation


Technical management:

⁃ planning of technical maintenance of a vessel and control over its implementation;

⁃ provision of spare parts and consumables and control over the expenditure of material resources;

⁃ control over the preparation and implementation of budget;

⁃ organization of document flow;

⁃ safety management system in accordance with international documents and company requirements;

⁃ exchange of information online and organization of all ship operations.